BTL activities are a must for the introduction and acceptance of any product in the market. From the Re-Launch to VAS products of Samsung Tab & Uninor mobile, team Fountain Media has introduced and captivated the market with our in-house designed strategies to suite the different markets all across Karnataka. The activities we undertake are: Road-shows, In-shop Promotions, Display campaigns, Window Branding, Door-to-Door campaigns, Branding and Merchandising.




Fountain Media has successfully marketed and materialized different Dealer meets on almost all the towns of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu for our esteemed clients . We have done press meet, premiere shows of Shaithan, Love Express, Pappu Cant Dance Salaa & Hiss Movies. We have also conducted Dealers Meets of Escher, Yamaha, Etc..







Wedding day is a very important in each one’s life, We involve from deciding the right venue for the auspicious occasion to the design of wedding cards, inviting your dear and near, Welcoming them, Room and travel reservations, Entertainment for the invitees, the right designer wear suited for the occasion, photo and video grapher, the catering, overall decoration of your home, the bride and grooms vehicle and the venue, on time without stealing your precious time worrying about the conduction of the event.






Throwing a party for your dear ones is a trend setter now, be it for a birth day, or farewell, An anniversary of your marriage or a welcome party for your new boss, or just a get-together of old pals, whatever be the occasion, we make you feel at home giving you the right venue and themes to let your heart rejoice for the juncture.




The success of any product launched on the market, depends on the way it is launched. We create the right ambiance for the right audience, ensuring that the product is established and remembered in their hearts forever.





To make any event a memorable one, we need entertainment, to make people laugh and dance and to enjoy themselves, we have in our list, International and National Dance troupes, stand up comedians, Acrobatic performers, Magicians, Comedy artists, Singers both Eastern and Western who have performed round the globe. We also have tie-ups with almost all the International bands who can perform here, if you give them a chance.






A celebrity can attract the crowd for sure. We could provide you with all the National and International celebrities who can fit into your profile for your event. Inauguration of your New Shop of Business, a celebrity to have lunch with your executives or simply as a guest for your marriage, whatever be the occasion we can bring them here.




We provide models for all the events ranging from fashion shows to product displays.






  • Hoarding Advertisement.
  • Mobile Display. (Canter & Auto)
  • Bus Shelters
  • Traffic Police Umbrellas.
  • Electric Pole Kiosks.
  • Auto Rickshaw Advertisement. (Auto rickshaw top)
  • Banners Advertisement.
  • Bike Rally.
  • Airport Taxi Advertisement…



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